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Mary S. wrote on 12/3/2019 Barb she did not give birth to me but never considered me anything but a daughter and my children her grandchildren. She cared for us and she loved us as we loved her. She was a woman of great character and dignity loved by all that knew her. It has been my honor and privilege to have had her in my life. I couldn't be more grateful for the love you've given us. Thank You for being You.Thank You Barb for wholeheartedly loving us. I love you and I will miss you dearly
Brianna wrote on 12/1/2019 Barbara was my grandmother. she was one of the most sweetest and most caring people in the world, I would do anything to have her back just to hear her voice once more I will miss you so much grandma but I know your not suffering no more I love you
Patricia Damm, Sister wrote on 11/30/2019 What..I sure can tell, I was in an emotional state., How can anyone read or understand that ... Barbara was my sister. Oldest, a baby boomer. I was always proud of her,
Kelly Barnett wrote on 11/29/2019 You were always tough, straight forward, and independent and I looked up to you for that. I will forever cherish my summer walks with my kids to your house so we could talk while they messed up your yard ornaments and your Sunday trips to speedway for coffee and gossip. You had the biggest heart, and I will always keep you in mine. I promise to do my best to take over your shoes, as you told me I had to when you pass away. I love you so much.
Patricia Damm wrote on 11/29/2019 This is my oldest, First born, She had a lot of strafe in her life. She was loving and independent woman. I was always proud of her. And even tho she got angry for wearing her clothes. I know she loved me. As I love her.... Barbara, I will miss you. LOVE YOU
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