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kimberly wrote on 11/2/2019 What can i say u were there for me when no one else was. i remember coming over when i had a bad day or just wanted someone to talk to. u fed me and tried to make me happy when others didnt. you gave me hope when i was down the most. ill always be your little chubby pumpkin as u called me. i miss u so much i wish u were still there to pick up the other end of the phone. its time now to do things for myself not rely on others. thanks for being a great person and always making everyone happy and putting a smile on there face even when they didnt want one. we love u fly high whereever u are.
Raymond wrote on 10/21/2019 Today I mourn the loss of a dear friend whom I haven't seen in awhile but was always there for me in many of my times of need. I wish you the best, Wherever You Are.
Sandra Kellums wrote on 10/21/2019 Aunt Phyll was truely one of a kind. I am truely blessed for knowing her. I will treasure all the good advice she was always willing to give. I cant believe she wont be on the the other side of the phone when i call. She will be missed.
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