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The funeral service embodies our instinctive wish to honor our loved ones and to comfort the bereaved, symbolizing the beliefs of a culture, its hopes, its ideals, and its spiritual concepts. But most importantly, the funeral is a crucial part of the process by which the bereaved begin to adjust to a way of life that has been abruptly altered. If you are the one to whom your family may look to for leadership or assistance at such a time, you will want to be as well prepared as possible.

In the days immediately following a death, you can rely on Uht Funeral Home to be present when you need assistance - to help receive callers during visitations, to guide you through the maze of paperwork and to offer support after the service. And you can take comfort knowing we are also quietly working behind the scenes to take care of many important details for your family while creating a fitting tribute for the deceased.

Throughout all the planning, Uht Funeral Home will be respectful of the family's wishes. The visitation and funeral can be a valuable experience as it meets the religious, social and emotional needs of the mourners. The funeral arrangements are particularly important in giving friends and family a meaningful way to express themselves.

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