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Uht Funeral Home
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Our History
The Uht Funeral Home had its humble beginnings in the 1800's in Huron Township, which is now known as New Boston, Michigan. Mantous Uht's grandfather and father were cabinetmakers in a building located on the corner of Huron River Drive and Sibley Road. As many of those craftsmen did in those days, they also built and provided coffins to the area families that experienced deaths within their families.
In 1925 Mr. Uht came to the Village of Wayne and purchased an existing funeral home from a man named Web Morton. This building was located near the corner of Wayne Road and Main Street. Mr. Uht operated this business until the 1940's then he took a partner by the name of Harold Kennedy. The name of the business was then known as the Uht Kennedy Funeral Home. That partnership was terminated in late 1951.

On March 1, 1952 a new association was formed with Harold Rediske and that relationship continued until the death of Mr. Uht in January, 1961. The funeral home remained at that location with many remodeling and major additions being done. In 1965 the City of Wayne purchased the building and property in order to begin their Urban Renewal Program. The new Uht Funeral Home was built in the City of Westland, at the corner of Glenwood and Harvey Street, and was moved into on March of 1967, which is where the funeral home is still located and the Rediske family still maintains ownership to the present time.

The Uht Funeral Home continues to provide its tradition of outstanding service in and to the community, always striving to offer the most complete and compassionate funeral care and after care possible. It is our goal to provide this kind of care to all families regardless of their financial situation. We expect that all families will be treated exactly the same way we would want to be treated ourselves.
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