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Barbara Cooper wrote on 7/15/2019 We've only just begun to Live I met Trula in 2015 when I married her youngest son Steven. She stayed with us for 2 1/2 months during 2018 and I enjoyed every moment of it. Although it was a small visit Trula and I connected to each other. She was very compassionate and loving. I made her a memory book of her family to help her remember names and she used it daily. I can't thank my brother in law Robert Dale enough for bringing her into my life even for the short period of time. I will miss her dearly. Prayers to all the family and friends who knew Trula by tutu or nana or she told me to call her Mama Trula
Bes wrote on 7/13/2019 My dear Trula had such a vibrant life... In thankful to have spend the time I did with her. Thoughts and Prayers to our family as we celebrate her life on this earth and send her home to the ones waiting for her in heaven. Miss you so much mama Trula and I'll be seeing you again. With much Love from Steven and Barbara
Sylvia & Larry Long wrote on 7/12/2019 Trula has been our friend for 53 years. Trula and her sister Henrietta was like sisters to me. We all got married around the same time and always live close to each other. We we always together when we were first married . We had lots of fun times and made many memories together and with other friends we shared I feel like I have lost a big part of my life , and it is very lonely without them here with me. I love you and will always miss my two lifelong friends
Peggy Sue Wright wrote on 7/12/2019 It never gets easier losing someone you love. It's only easier knowing they are going onto be with other loved ones. You with forever be missed Sissy/Too-Too. The memoery of laugh and love for dancing will forever be in my heart. I love you, Peggy Sue
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