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Melissa Donlon wrote on 11/11/2018 We will never forget you (Logan, Ayden, Savannah, and I). The kids and I have got a lot of great memories we can share with each other about you to last a liftime. We will pray for him as will he pray for us. May God give him eternal rest. We love you!
Yvonne Wolf wrote on 11/8/2018 Since the moment that I met you I could see what a special person you were! You had a magical way of making a person feel good even when they were at their lowest. You were funny, talented, smart and had the biggest heart! I regret that I did not get to know you better, little brother. But what I did know, I loved! RIP, Gheri!
Christy Brown wrote on 11/7/2018 It's been so long since I've seen you or spoken to you, and now you're gone. Thank you for being the little bit of sunshine I needed when things weren't always so great. Love to you and yours.
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