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sharon parkila wrote on 10/14/2017 Such a wonderful neighbor, he is going to be missed. Sharon and Arvo Parkila
Janet E Miracle wrote on 10/13/2017 so very sorry for your loss. know that your dad is now free from pain, & will forever be in your heart. I wish you peace for the days ahead.
*Larry Twitchell, Maj Gen USAF(Ret) wrote on 10/12/2017 Chief Bahn was the consummate maintenance professional. It was an honor to serve with him. RIP.
Susan Slebodnik-Bicknell wrote on 10/12/2017 Jim, Carl and Sharon; Your family has always been a part of my life and for that I will cherish the memories I will have of your Dad and Mom. Prayers for your family.
CLAUDE FIELDS wrote on 10/11/2017 People who come into your life can make a difference in who you are or who you become. I have known very few leaders in my lifetime. Always when I have been asked who the greatest leader I have ever met was, Charlie has always been the first to come to my mind. Other than my parents, the biggest influence on me was Charlie Bahn or as we called him Charlie God. I owe so much of my success as a man, husband, father and in my career to Charlie. Just a few of the things taught me ethics, integrity, forgiveness, honesty, responsibility, fairness, dedication and love for family. He could fix anything - from Trains derailing to fixing a broken airplane that was really badly damaged and other folks were ready to write it off. He had a special gift when it came to anything mechanical. He could sense, hear or feel a problem while others were stymied as to what the problem was or how to fix it. If you have ever been waved into his flight line pickup with that special hand fingers wave he used, it’s a ride you will never forget! That truck was one of his classrooms. So many stories he told could make you laugh or even cry. I will carry those stories with me and when I think of him with tears in my eyes but with a smile on my face, it’s because I knew Charlie and I thank God for having him in my life.
Vicky Bilski wrote on 10/11/2017 I got to know my uncle better after I was grown and married. He was a very intelligent and self taught man. He took me to the Ford museum a few times and taught me lots and then he came to Grand Rapids and we did the President Ford museum together. It was good times.
Sherry (Walters) Jacks wrote on 10/10/2017 I will truly miss you . Us kids always Called you Uncle Charlie as we known you since we were very young as you worked with my Dad Elliott Walters at Selfridge Air Base. My daughter was crushed as I told her. Everytime you stopped by Dad's you always teased her Ted Because she always had Teddy bear shirts on. So very sorry for your family and friends loss. May God be with them through this difficult time. I am so glad I went to see if Charlie was at his place in Wayne to see if he was there and my daughter Crystal and I took pics with him and met two of my grandkids. My Dad and all of us will miss you very much.Your with your beautiful wife now. We loved her cooking.
Harlan Huso wrote on 10/10/2017 To the Bahn family you have our deepest sympathy. We will always remember Chief Charlie and Marge as being such caring people. We got to know Charlie through my employment at the Air Guard and when I had the opportunity to transfer to the Minnesota Air Guard at Duluth I did simply because it was closer to my home. However we remained friends with both Charlie and Marge and when they would go see the boys in Alaska they would stop at our place in Cloquet MN to visit and fill us in about the family and the friends we had made at the Michigan Air Guard. Once you made friends with Charlie it was a friend for life. We will miss him dearly.
Tedd & Ella Gutzke wrote on 10/10/2017 Our condolences to your family. I knew Charlie my whole life and remember him as a big man whose presence would dominate a room. Yet he was kind and thoughtful to his friends. He will be missed.
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